Grunt Boat Cleaner
"takes the Grunt! out of cleaning your boat"

Grunt! Boat Cleaner

Finally a boat cleaning product which really does all the hard work!

Grunt! boat cleaner, does exactly that – it takes the Grunt” out of cleaning your boat.

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What is Grunt boat cleaner?

Grunt boat cleaner is specifically formulated to remove those “hard to shift” stains from fibreglass boats that we all know so well, those ugly yellow/brown waterline stains, rust staining from metal fittings, exhaust staining, bird lime, lime scale and many other deeply ingrained stains typically found on our boats

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How It Works

Grunt boat cleaner is designed to make cleaning those nasty stains from your boat an easy task, so easy in fact you wont believe it!
Grunt boat cleaner penetrates into the pores of the gelcoat and using a mild chemical reaction gently neutralises and magically absorbs the staining without affecting the gelcoat in any way. The stain can then be simply washed off with a sponge and water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions or are interested in learning more; hopefully our Frequently Asked Questions section will be able to answer most of yours.

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We are all looking for the easy way out.
See what results can be achieved by simply using Grunt boat cleaner with no effort at all

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Watch Grunt! Boat Cleaner in Action



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