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How Does Grunt! Boat Cleaner Work?

Finally a boat cleaning product which does all the hard work!

Grunt! boat cleaner makes cleaning those nasty stains from your boat an easy task. So easy, you won’t believe it! It penetrates into the pores of the gelcoat. Using a chemical reaction, it neutralises and absorbs the staining. This does not affect the gelcoat in any way. The stain is then washed off with a sponge and water. To use Grunt! Boat Cleaner simply apply to the stained area with a paint brush, wait 20 – 30 minutes or so, longer in colder weather, while Grunt! does the hard work, magically neutralising and absorbing the stain and rinse off with a sponge and fresh water, it really is that simple!!! Designed for use on fibreglass boats. Grunt! boat cleaner also works on most two part marine paint systems and yacht enamels. As used on steel or timber boats. Watch this short video to see for yourself the amazing power of Grunt! Boat Cleaner.


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