Does Grunt boat cleaner contain any abrasives

5. Does Grunt boat cleaner contain any abrasives as used in many other cleaning products to remove yellow/brown waterline staining?

No. Grunt boat cleaner works purely by a chemical reaction and the product needs to be allowed time to work. Grunt boat cleaner penetrates into the gelcoat and using a chemical reaction gently neutralises and absorbs the staining without affecting the gelcoat in any way.
To use Grunt Boat Cleaner simply apply to the stained area with a paint brush – wait 30 minutes or so while Grunt does the hard work, magically neutralising and absorbing the stain and rinse off, it really is that simple!!

The stain can then be simply washed off with a sponge and water.

 One of the distinct advantages of using Grunt! boat cleaner instead of conventional abrasive cleaners is that it can be used regularly without any adverse effects on the gelcoat where as conventional abrasive cleaners work by removing a layer of the gelcoat to expose a fresh layer, with gelcoat so thin on many production boats this process can typically only be carried out a few times before actually wearing through the gelcoat often resulting in a full respray of your boat, an expense most boat owners will wish to avoid at all costs!

Please do not scrub or rub at Grunt during the working time. After applying Grunt it really is best to get on with another task on-board as “a watched pot never boils!”

Whilst primarily designed for use on fibreglass boats Grunt boat cleaner is also works brilliantly on most two part marine paint systems and yacht enamels typically used on steel or timber boats.

Please see our demonstration video below for a more complete overview of the process

Demonstration Videos

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