July 2, 2012


Grunt! Frequently Asked Questions

1.    I accidentally got some Grunt Boat cleaner on my stainless steel and teak bathing platform, will this cause any harm?

   After using Grunt boat cleaner on my hull I noticed my newly applied antifoul is now all streaky from washing off. Has Grunt damaged the antifouling and will it still continue to work?

3.   Will Grunt boat cleaner work on painted surfaces as well as fibreglass?

4.    I treated all the rust marks and waterline staining on my boat and then applied a coat of wax to seal the surface but my boat looks all patchy, what has happened?

5.    Does Grunt boat cleaner contain any abrasives as used in many other cleaning products to remove yellow/brown waterline staining?

6.    Does Grunt boat cleaner contain any harmful Oxalic or Hydrochloric acids?

7.    How long will my boat stay clean after using Grunt boat cleaner?

8.    I cleaned and polished my boat using conventional cleaners but stains remained, I have now applied Grunt boat cleaner but it doesn’t seem to working as described, am I doing something wrong?

9.    What personal care should I take when treating my boat with Grunt boat cleaner?

10.    What regulations, if any, does Grunt! Boat Cleaner meet?


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