Grunt boat cleaner on my stainless steel

1. I was treating the entire hull on my boat and accidentally got some Grunt boat cleaner on my stainless steel and teak bathing platform, will this cause any harm?

No, not at all, whilst Grunt boat cleaner is designed as a fibreglass cleaner it is safe to use on most surfaces with the exception of bare aluminum. Not only is it safe to use on teak and stainless steel it will in fact clean your stainless steel and your teak bathing platform quite well. It can remove those nasty looking rust stains commonly seen emanating from under stainless steel fittings and can “brighten” teak from the dull grey look of associated with weathering timber.

Teak platform cleaned using Grunt! boat cleaner.
Teak PlatformRust stains cleaned from bathing platform support using Grunt! boat cleaner
Rust Stains Cleaned

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