How long will my boat stay clean after using Grunt! boat cleaner?

7. How long will my boat stay clean after using Grunt boat cleaner?

This will be dependant on a number of factors surrounding where you keep your boat. Obviously boats kept in fast flowing clean water will stay cleaner for much longer than boats kept in stagnant water where pollution may be high such as areas around commercial ports. It has also been noted that boats tend to get dirtier quicker where they are below a flight path into and out of an airport.

The great asset Grunt has over conventional abrasive cleaners is that it can be used as often as necessary without causing any damage to the fibreglass whatsoever. Conventional abrasive cleaners work by removing a layer of the gelcoat to expose a fresh layer, with gelcoat so thin on many production boats this process can typically only be carried out a few times before actually wearing through the gelcoat often resulting in a full respray of your boat, an expense most boat owners will wish to avoid at all costs

You can apply a high quality marine carnauba wax which seals the surface helping prevent further staining.

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