My boat looks all patchy

4.    I treated all the rust marks and waterline staining on my boat and then applied a coat of wax to seal the surface but my boat looks all patchy, what has happened ?.

Treating isolated areas of your boat will produce “clean spots”, these may not be too noticeable if your boat is slightly dull or faded. Applying a coat of wax greatly enhances these “clean spots” showing how dirty the rest of the boat really is! To avoid this it is advisable to treat the entire area with Grunt boat cleaner and leave your boat really clean.

Patchy areas boat cleaner

Area to be cleaned taped off to show what happens if only a small area is treated with Grunt! boat cleaner.

Patchy area cleanedThis shows the “clean area” of the boat cleaned using Grunt! boat cleaner. This shows the importance of cleaning the entire area of the boat with Grunt! boat cleaner.

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