Will Grunt! boat cleaner work on painted surfaces as well as fibreglass

3. My boat which was painted by a local boatyard some years ago has now some yellow/brown staining along the waterline. Will Grunt! boat cleaner work on painted surfaces as well as fibreglass?

Yes – Whilst Grunt! boat cleaner is primarily designed to be highly effective on gelcoat surfaces it is safe to use on all two part marine paints and yacht enamels and will achieve the same results removing yellow/brown waterline staining, rust staining from fittings, bird lime, limescale and general yellow discolouration on the hull or deck of your boat. In fact Grunt! is generally safe to use on most surfaces. Always try on an inconspicuous area first.

A yacht painted with Yacht Enamel before being cleaned with Grunt! boat cleaner and then what it looked like after it was cleaned using Grunt! boat cleaner.
Before and after

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